• Currently under construction so check back often and offer suggestions if you don’t see what you are looking for!
  • Currently there is nothing behind the firewall that you would need to log in to see. The Log In function is there primarily for contributors so that they can add information to the site. If there is something that you feel is important to the crew – please forward it to me and I will post it if this is appropriate location for the information. This is going to be a live site that we hope to update often so check back and see what’s new!
    • There are two sets of menus – one at the top of the screen where I will be putting the most pertinent data and the ones on the left sidebar where all of the selections will be available. Click on the item you wish to view and it should provide that data – if not let me know.
    • The menus are now on the left hand side of the page but are much more workable than the ones in the previous theme. If you are using a mobile device – scroll down and you will find the menus.